Irrigation Design & Installation Services

Water is the key to all life. If you’ve lived in the St. Louis area very long, you know we can go long periods without rain. And, unless you have nothing better to do than hold a hose in your hand for hours, an automated irrigation system may be just for you.

We can design, install, and maintain an irrigation system that’s appropriate for your property.  We’ll make sure your landscape gets the right amount of water, in the right place, at the right time – and at a budget you can afford. So, you can stop checking the weather channel wondering if it’s going to rain – unless you plan on going to a Cardinals game!

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Maintenance Services

  • Activation – Turning on the system, checking for leaks and proper sprinkler head operation, and programming the controller
  • Backflow test – Performed by a certified technician with paperwork submitted to the appropriate county
  • Winterization – Blowing our all lines with compressed air and depressurizing backflow preventer
  • Repairs, Walk-throughs, Adjustments – Completed as needed